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You are the kind of person who was born to love and help others.
It is clear that you are someone that finds meaning and joy in helping people. You are honest, righteous, and would never harm anyone. Words that are definitely part of your day-to-day life are: include, share, and help.

A business opportunity for you will only make sense if it means transforming someone else's life. Making money, while at the same time sharing the opportunity with others, is a priority to you. Also, a meaningful service or product that would benefit society as a whole should be part of your business.

Characteristics of the perfect business for you:

1 - It must be based on a product or service that will in some way benefit others emotionally, physically and financially;
2 - Your business, product, or service must empower others or offer an opportunity for growth;
3 - It should involve the possibility of creating new relationships (teamwork), because this fits you so well. It is non-negotiable;
4 - It must be in a solid and everlasting niche so you have the chance to maintain strong relationships with clients, friends, and business partners;
5 - You need a company where integrity is paramount since this is extremely important to you;
6 - It should be an opportunity where you can earn money honorably while sharing the same opportunity with others;
7 - Your company must generate you a recurring income so that both your professional and financial lives allow you to dedicate yourself more to family and friends.